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King of Armageddon - Bragging rights showdown

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Every Saturday from 7-9 earn a chance to be king of the battlefield and get your picture published on our website for bragging rights.

Join us Saturdays for a point tracking Showdown consisted of skill, accuracy, speed, and race against the clock.


$20 per session

session consist of (3) 10 minute rounds

Every player will have unlimited lives


Score the most points/kills in each round

All rounds will be added up at the end of the 3 rounds

Player with the most points accumulated during the 3 rounds will be posted on our winners circle on our website and on our facebook page.

If a tie occurs the players that tied will play a 3 minute game with refs choice of scenario and player with the highest score will take the win.

Each round will be a different game play mode

Scenarios for a session consist of:

* Sniper - Bolt action - one shot kills

* Sportsman Rifle - Semi-auto - 2 shot kills

* Machine gun mode - Full auto 600 Rounds per minute - 15 shot kills

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