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Our laser tag leagues are great for all ages and will be broken down into age brackets. We meet once a week for laughs, good times, to compete, or for sheer bragging rights.


* Cost - $100 per team - per week

* Team - 7-man team with up to 3 alternates.

*  The day we host will depend on the age bracket you are in

* 3 age brackets are - Adults - Teens - Kids


Rules of Engagement


How it all works

* Each team may consist of 7 members and up to 3 alternates, but only 7 players may participate in a round.  Alternates may switch in only before the start of the next round.

All team members and alternates have to be listed on the team information form.

* All teams have to elect a captain who must provide an email and phone number for contact purposes and is responsible to collect funds for the team each week for payment prior to start.

* Any team not being able to field 7 players may still participate provided the $100 fee is met by the number of players playing.

* The length of the league will depend on the number of teams participating as well as start and end times.  Possibility of bye weeks pending on the number of teams as well.


Points- How to win

  • Each week you will play 6 rounds

  • The first 5 rounds are worth 1 point each

  • The last round is a 10-minute round with points as follows 

  • 1 point for the top eliminator, and 1 for each team member that exceeds the highest eliminator for the other team. 

After all of the teams have played each other, taggers will be set in a different mode for the next set of rounds.  The number of sets is based on the number of teams.

  • The team that wins the majority of the first 5 rounds gets an extra point...

* a Maximum number of points a night is 13 should a team not show for any reason they forfeit all points to the other team.

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