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Fortnite Fridays

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Come out and join us on Friday nights for our new game night "Fortnite Friday".


During the months of November and December of 2019 Armageddon Laser Tag will be hosting a Fortnite Showdown Every Friday Night.

The Games will consist of 3 man scenarios but with different weapons in game play.

Scenarios included are:

Solo - Every man for himself

Duo - 2 Man teams vs every other 2 man team

Squad - 4 man team vs every other 4 man team

Weapons - Includes live scoring

Sniper rifle - one shot kills - Bolt action

Sportsman rifle - 2 shot kills - semi auto - 5 rounds in chamber

Machine gun mode - Full auto - 12 shot kills


6pm - 9pm


$20 per hour

$30 for unlimited play 6pm-9pm

No reservation needed

Pricing not valid for Black Friday

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